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Welcome to Marilena Sebastiani’s website, a professional photographer based in Bristol. I was born on 26th July 1990, and since I was a child, I have had a great passion for photography. I still remember my desire to have my own camera, and from that moment on, I started to dedicate myself to this art form with constancy and determination.

Today, after years of hard work and study, I am happy to share with you the result of my passion. On my website, you can discover my creations, from photographs of portraits to images of  newborn, as well as photos of couples and weddings.

Marilena Sebastiani Fotografa

I am always looking for new challenges and inspirations, and I love working closely with my clients to create unique and unforgettable images. Choose to rely on me for your photography services, and together we will create something special.

Marilena Sebastiani
Marilena Sebastiani


In this portfolio, I have collected some of my most representative works, from natural landscape photography to images of  portraits to newborn and wedding reportages. Each shot represents an opportunity for me to explore new techniques and to capture the essence of people and places. I hope that my photographs will excite and inspire you, and please do not hesitate to contact me to request information about my photography services.

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Marilena Sebastiani Photographer


I am happy to offer a wide range of photography services to meet your needs. From wedding photos to food images, including portraits and landscape photos, I am always searching for beauty and creativity in every shot.

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If you desire a customized photography service, do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to collaborate with you to create unique and unforgettable memories.